New Products Shown in ‘23

DAY 2: Track testing, open road testing, simulation testing and functional safety testing

ZEER is exhibiting a full range of products for track testing, open road testing, simulation testing and functional safety testing, including the self-developed ASEva Data and Scenario Acquisition System, ASEva Bypass Acquisition System, ASEva Data and Scenario Injection System, ASEva Simulation Tool Chain, ASEva Cloud Platform, and we will also exhibit the ABD Static Driving Simulator, VBOX Indoor Positioning System, Microvision Lidar Sensor, Gregory Fuel Consumption Meter, infomagix VMS3400, Moshon Data AEB validation Tool MD HAN'i designed for end-of-line vehicle production facilities, and so on.

ASEva system is the most complete data closed-loop overall solution in the industry. It has powerful data acquisition capability, which can collect multiple types of data of vehicles; it has perfect data and scene labeling and processing tool chain, which can meet various applications of development and testing; it has rich templates for data analysis and report generation; it has a powerful cloud platform, which can support real-time monitoring and management, data scene labeling and processing, big data mining and batch processing; and it can be applied to applications such as vehicle model development and testing, data injection and simulation. It can be applied to car model development and testing, data injection, simulation, and other applications.

ASEva system has a complete set of scene data acquisition and analysis processing tool chain for driving scene data acquisition and extraction, which provides tools to convert real scene data to virtual simulation environment, thus making the real scene accurately reproduced in the virtual environment. ASEva system has a powerful local terminal and cloud architecture, which realizes multi-user management, multi-vehicle and equipment cloud monitoring through cloud data platform, Cloud task scheduling, remote data return and playback, cloud big data management and processing, labeling and interception. The system can be applied to functional safety and expected functional safety, true value system, driving behavior analysis, functional evaluation analysis, open road testing, simulation, track testing and so on. Different hardware and software configurations can be customized according to users' actual needs, providing users with a full set of solutions that better meet their needs.

With 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, ZEER has a wealth of vehicle development and testing tools and experience, serving OEMs, testing centers, system and solution integrators, scientific research institutes and universities, with a comprehensive sales network, a sound product system and standardized service processes, which help product development teams accurately grasp the demand and industry trends, improve product reliability, reduce the number of updating, and shorten the development cycle.

Shanghai Automotive Testing Expo is a world-leading international exhibition, displaying various aspects of automotive testing, development and verification technology. ZEER's participation in this exposition can, on the one hand, widely promote our automotive testing equipment and advanced testing systems, show our strength, improve our corporate reputation and look for a large number of potential customers; on the other hand, we can understand the information of the counterparts, grasp the trend and law of the industry's development, judge the market potential and development room of our ASEva system, determine the correct corporate development strategy, and promote the technical exchanges and cooperation among the counterparts.

On the subject of the expo, product manager for ASEva, Kermit Yu says, “ASEva provides a set of data and scene acquisition, labeling, cleaning, extraction, and cloud processing and analysis toolchain, which can systematically solve the key problems of bypass acquisition, data scene injection, simulation test and validation, and functional safety test in the process of automobile development and testing, and it can be applied to true-value data acquisition, functional test and alignment, ADAS development and test, simulation test, intelligent cabin test, human factors engineering research, functional safety test, etc. It is the best data closed-loop toolchain overall solution in the automobile industry, and also the best toolchain system for vehicle model development and test."

Meet ZEER at booth 8008.

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