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Simon Harkis

Dr Simon Harkis has over 14 years’ experience in the filtration industry. He gained a PhD in chemistry from Durham University in the UK and following Technical and Operations roles in industrial filtration manufacturing, joined SGS in August 2020. He is now responsible for SGS’s Filtration laboratory in Milton Keynes, UK as well as holding the position of Global Filtration Technical Committee Chair for SGS where he oversees the technical excellence and harmonization of SGS filtration laboratories all over the world.


Air quality testing Including allergens - whole car filtration systems

At a time when there is heightened public awareness of the health impacts of airborne particles such as PM2.5, viruses and allergens, the automotive market is reacting with new innovations in filtration that need to be understood and securely evaluated. Dr Simon Harkis will look at the role of air quality testing in the automotive industry, and how SGS, in partnership with ASL, has pioneered an innovative new testing method for whole car filtration systems.