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Franz Spitlbauer

From 2009 to 2013 Franz studied Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.). Afterwards he started to work as a Stress Engineer in the german aerospace industry for a bit over 5 years. His tasks in this position covered the calculation and design of structural components, taking into account relevant failure criteria by using finite element procedures and analytical models. Parallel to his work he studied part time computational engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich (M.Sc.). Since 2018 he has been working at HBK (ReliaSoft and nCode Products) as an Application Engineer and help customers solving their reliability issues.


Deriving a representative vibration test utilizing the fatigue damage spectrum

Increasing demands are being placed on the simulation and testing of newly developed components and systems, not least because the complexity in terms of design, functionality and operating conditions is also constantly increasing. The lecture explains the process chain from the measurement of the vibration loads occurring in operation and the derivation of an optimized test spectrum to the interpretation of the test results and proof of the required system reliability. State-of-the-art analytical methods are used, such as the fatigue damage spectrum, virtual test procedures (digital twin) and statistical tools for modeling the probability of failure.