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Holger Boller

Holger studied at the Technical University in Wismar with an emphasis on the dynamic mechanical reliability of electronic assemblies. His career has included working in an R&D department developing electronic controls used in electrodynamic vibration test systems and shock test machines, and 15 years as an application engineer for Ling Dynamic Systems.


Using Kurtosion to accelerate structural life testing

Life testing using controlled random excitation is a long-accepted means of finding design and/or assembly flaws. Class general broadband spectra, such as the NAVMAT profile, permit testing without initially knowing the specific resonances of a new package. Now kurtosis control allows such tests to be conducted in a fraction of the time required for a Gaussian drive signal to precipitate failures. However, kurtosis control must be properly implemented to circumvent interference from the Central Limit Theorem. A unique feature within the Vibration Research Corporation (VRC) Kurtosion process allows resonant fatigue and simple static failure tests to be accelerated.