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George Acris

George has over 20 years’ international experience in test and measurement, introducing innovative alternative procurement methods in many countries to help organisations access the equipment they need flexibly, and at less cost, improving their electrical and electronic testing function. Multilingual and with an economics, commercial and marketing background, today he is the VP for Marketing at Electro Rent in EMEA, working alongside customers and test equipment manufacturers to ensure that users have awareness of these game-changing alternatives and with a passion to help automotive businesses become more agile and save capital.


How to increase electrical testing capabilities without upfront investment

The continuous evolution of electrical systems, requirements and standards demands a more flexible approach to test capabilities. Whether for powertrain, radar, infotainment, automotive Ethernet, EMC or other testing needs, the latest instruments can be very expensive. This session will explore and evidence how deploying a flexible procurement strategy has allowed leading automotive organizations to get quick access to a wide range of high-end instruments, without making large investments, reducing risks and overall costs.