Untethered data acquisition systems

Today we see AI as the emerging next generation of technologies; it can easily be confused with autonomy but has very little in common. Autonomous means untethered from external control and able to function without it, possibly even functioning more efficiently or effectively without it. Dewesoft Obsidian offers the user the opportunity to use it as an autonomous system. Simply put, it doesn’t require connection to any external controls to function.

But, as show visitors can see, if users do want to be connected, it offers an alternative mode where it streams data via an interfacing computer. The ability to operate independently or connected to a host makes the Obsidian a unique device in the market; some devices are dedicated to tethered applications and some are not – this is the first that can be either. One advantage of this approach is clandestine monitoring when it is required and interactive monitoring when it is not, saving the time and costs associated with single-purpose systems as well as multiple platforms. It also offers more power and flexibility than any other system in its class, with onboard or offboard processing and onboard storage.

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