ADAS and occupant protection creating challenges for safety testing

As automotive safety technologies continue to advance, so must the tools used for their evaluation. To effectively test ADAS, its hardware and software must be put through its paces on a proving ground. Such testing includes articulated adult and child VRU targets by Messring, which are designed to meet the stringent requirements of NCAP specifications, ACEA guidelines and the ISO 19206-2 standard. These targets accurately replicate the size, shape, realistic sensor signature and leg mobility of a VRU.

The emergence of in-vehicle child presence detection (CPD) systems is also demanding cutting-edge test equipment – especially as Euro NCAP will require such sensing functionality to achieve a perfect rating from 2025 onward. To fulfill this need, Messring developed its newborn CPD dummy, in collaboration with industry partners and NCAP Labs. It features an adjustable breathing rate and amplitude, enabling precise testing and evaluation of CPD technologies.

Even though active and passive technologies are typically evaluated independently, the ability to evaluate their convergence within a single event is now possible using Messring's innovative M=Brake, combined with its HydroBrake. The system enables the replication of an entire event, allowing engineers to develop more effective solutions for enhanced safety.

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