Servo-electric multi-axial simulation test systems
eMpulse Test Systems

eMpulse Test Systems, a global leader in advanced engineering solutions and servo-electric road simulators, will be at the expo to talk about its new, patented, servo-electric, multi-axis simulation table (seaMAST).

The seaMAST is an innovative, industry-changing solution for product testing and development. With its advanced servo-electric actuation technology, it can replicate the complex multi-axial vibrations that products undergo during their lifetime.

The seaMAST is powered by a servo-electric drive system, which provides unparalleled control and accuracy. The drive system not only enables greater frequency response and fidelity but is also energy efficient, resulting in decreased operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations looking to reduce their environmental impact while still maintaining high levels of performance.

With its advanced capabilities and innovative technology, the seaMAST is an excellent tool for product testing and development across a range of industries. Whether users are designing new products or testing existing ones, the seaMAST can provide valuable insights into product performance and help them ensure the safety and reliability of their products.

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