Day 2: IMEG discusses prevailing test facility design challenges

In today’s R&D environment, facility designs are constantly changing to meet the latest government standards. This requires facilities to be flexible to adapt to the latest testing criteria. IMEG, a specialist that provides design and other services for test facilities, is in Novi to talk to industry players and observe the latest needs and challenges.

The company’s principal and project executive, Keith Vandenbussche, commented, “Developers are increasingly asking for help with due diligence and project management. Many of today’s designs require advanced mechanical and electrical systems to meet the process requirements.”

He explained IMEG’s approach to facility design in this rapidly changing automotive climate: “Learning process equipment criteria for loads, sizes and needs is paramount to a good design. This information must be acquired early in the process to create a facility that meets the needs of the program and this establishes a program to estimate.”

Asked what value an outside consultancy can bring to a build project, Vandenbussche said, “Outsourcing help allows the owner to focus on managing the program. It also allows more resources for due diligence for information required since most owners do not have the resources to acquire that information.”
To learn more about how IMEG can assist with the design of an R&D facility, head to Booth 15020.

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