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Felix Mueller

Felix grew up in Germany but temporarily relocated to the US with his family during his childhood. After returning, he completed his undergraduate studies in engineering and business at the Cooperative State University in Germany. After multiple years in technical sales for automotive products and engineering services, he graduated with an MBA in global business at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA in 2016. In 2017, Felix relocated to Michigan to work in the automotive industry, specializing in vehicle diagnostics, data acquisition and analog sensor conditioning and test automation for embedded software development.


No software test left behind – standardized, automated XIL testing

With increasing vehicle complexity through ADAS, alternate drivetrains and consolidation of ECUs into domain controllers, software quality is essential not only for the user experience but also for the overall safety of the vehicle. XIL (anything-in-the-loop) tests, DevOps, virtualization, debugging, HMI-testing, efficient automation and standardized testing all play an integral role in making the next generation of vehicles a success. In environments that use a diverse range of specialized tools and manufactures, standardized automation has become increasingly difficult. We will present our solution to automate tool-independent software testing, facilitate DevOps, optimize resources and enhance distributed teams' collaboration on one platform.