Tracks, testing, training and TISAX
Michelin Proving Grounds

Michelin Proving Grounds (MPG) in South Carolina is a 1,295ha test and training facility offering a wide range of services such as track rental, driver training, turnkey testing and commercial events. The facility recently obtained its preliminary TISAX security certification, with the full certification expected to come by the end of 2023. Multiple security upgrades have been undertaken, including badge access and the completion of a fencing initiative to entirely secure the site so that customers can be confident that their vehicles will be well protected.

Other upgrades around the facility include the paving of an ISO 10844:2021 noise surface and the overhaul of the outrigger trailer available for commercial truck testing. With experienced staff known for their flexibility and support as well as a location with mild winters, Michelin Proving Grounds can meet its customers’ needs any day of the year.

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