The transition from emission lab to BEV range detection lab

The procedure to identify the range of BEVs is complex and involves a long speed trace test on a chassis dynamometer. Due to increasing battery capacities, the test duration can be very long – the driver needs to perform and drive the test vehicle consistently and precisely and repeat the process for several hours. This makes robots more essential than ever in these scenarios.

Exhibitor Stähle develops and produces driving robots and offers integrated human driving styles within its software suite. Its latest version of the Autopilot software adds new functionality for measuring, calculating and evaluating typical data of electric vehicles by integrating the Hioki power analyzer. The acquisition of measured values supports four channels or measuring points, each with the relevant signals such as voltage, current and power.

In post-processing, a detailed report is created for the entire test and for the individual evaluations of the sections/subcycles. This report includes complete assessments for the homologation and certification of electric vehicles.

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