Innovative clipping method reduces peaks on the shaker table
Vibration Research

Running a random vibration test near the shaker’s maximum acceleration, velocity, or displacement limit risks damage to the shaker system or product. However, engineers may find that they occasionally need to do this to meet test specifications. As the innovator in the field of vibration control, Vibration Research recently developed TruClip: a sigma clipping method that predicts the drive signal and removes peaks that would exceed the acceleration, velocity or displacement shaker limits.

Standard controllers apply clipping to the drive voltage output. Voltage clipping reduces the extreme voltage peaks but does not restrict motion on the shaker table, which is necessary if the engineer runs a random test near the shaker limits. TruClip applies to the control measurement and reduces peak acceleration, velocity, or displacement during the random test.

Visit the Vibration Research team in Novi to discuss how TruClip can protect your shaker and product using the only correct way to apply sigma clipping.

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