Climatic aerodynamic wind tunnel testing
Ontario Tech University

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to surge, Ontario Tech University's ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel is at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry with its next-generation testing capabilities. With a focus on EV and charger testing, ACE's state-of-the-art facilities provide a robust platform for advancing EV technologies.

From measuring aerodynamic forces to underbody thermal management, ACE's wind tunnel ensures optimal vehicle performance in terms of efficiency and cooling. With the ability to test in rain, snow, ice, sun and fog, ACE simulates diverse weather scenarios to evaluate vehicle performance and safety. Precipitation can even be fine-tuned to meet specific requirements, ensuring accurate and reliable testing outcomes.

ACE's testing capabilities also extend to extreme temperatures, ranging from -40°C to +60°C. This enables thorough examination of EV battery and power electronics performance in both cold and hot climates, allowing manufacturers to optimize their designs for real-world usage.

In terms of charging infrastructure, ACE's in-chamber DC fast-charge capability of up to 350kW and AC power capability of up to 19.2kW ensure comprehensive testing of charging systems. This empowers manufacturers to validate the reliability and efficiency of their vehicles, contributing to the seamless integration of EVs into existing infrastructure.

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