Differential steering and hydrostatic articulation simulatio
Mechanical Simulation

Mechanical Simulation, a global leader in vehicle dynamics simulation software, will be at the expo to showcase its 2023.1 software release, which provides accurate and realistic predictions of real-world vehicle behavior.

This release adds alternative steering methods, including differential steering (skid steer) and hydrostatic articulation found in many construction and mining vehicles. The most common skid-steer vehicle is a type of forklift used in landscaping. A hydrostatically articulated vehicle can be steered using a yaw hydraulic pivot point to bend the vehicle. These features pair perfectly with Mechanical Simulation’s terramechanical soft-soil tire model, which allows users to simulate soft soil conditions. The incorporation of a terramechanical tire model enables engineers to achieve unparalleled fidelity in simulation behavior, providing precise insights into vehicle dynamics in various scenarios, including complex maneuvers, diverse road surfaces and challenging weather conditions.

“Our new features greatly expand Mechanical Simulation’s core capabilities and are a competitive differentiator,” says Jeremy Miller, head of engineering at Mechanical Simulation. “Engineers who develop vehicles that operate in off-road environments such as agricultural, construction and military applications can now bring their products to market faster and safer with the help of CarSim and TruckSim.”

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