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Next-generation indoor positioning solution
Oxford Technical Solutions

Offering centimeter-level position accuracy, and 1° heading accuracy, the new indoor positioning solution from Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) gives users the confidence to take their AV and ADAD testing indoors.

The first instance of this solution was delivered in March 2021 at Horiba Mira’s new Assured CAV Parking facility, a first-of-its-kind, purpose-built multistory parking structure for the development of automated valet parking (AVP) and other ADAS systems, such as park assist. This installation meets Horiba Mira’s requirements of better than 5cm position accuracy, and ≤/=1° heading accuracy, up to speeds of at least 30km/h, ideal for parking scenarios that involve low-speed maneuvers with small vehicle-to-target distances. The solution also enables safe and repeatable path-following using AB Dynamics driving robots.

To achieve these outcomes, OxTS has introduced ultra-wideband (UWB) from technology partner Pozyx as an aiding source for the RT3000 v3. “The result is a solution that ensures the necessary safety, accuracy and repeatability to begin validating AVP and ADAS systems with confidence,” explains Ashley Patton, lead CAV test engineer at Horiba Mira.

Development is now underway to extend the solution’s capability to include indoor-outdoor, outdoor-indoor and floor-to-floor transitions.

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