The classic servocontroller is back

Testing never stops, but durability and fatigue test labs struggle to maintain their legacy closed-loop servocontrollers. Service for these controls is difficult to find, parts are not available and since the desktop units such as the 407, 5900 and 5910 were introduced more than 30 years ago, there have been limited options available.

Innkeeper will be at the expo to show how its modern servocontroller can respond to these challenges, maintaining key functionality and simplicity. It is compatible with legacy actuators and sensors. The electrical connections and test functionality support servohydraulics as well as providing easy integration of electromechanical actuators. Innkeeper understands the difficulties of obtaining new equipment and so helps test labs make the best use of what they already have.

Key features include up to two channels of 1kHz digital closed-loop control, valve driver current or voltage for electromechanical actuators, sequence builders, safety monitoring and full data acquisition in the software platform – a complete system right out of the box.

Innkeeper also offers InnControl, a family of configurable modules for adaptive product testing, as well as tools for product durability, and fatigue, strength and characterization laboratories.

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