Wind tunnel for future-mobility testing
HALO wind tunnel (Honda Development and Manufacturing of America)

The new HALO wind tunnel on the grounds of Honda’s Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio, aims to lead the future innovation of the automotive industry.

The tunnel can test full-size vehicles, from clay model mock-ups through to mass-production products, to ensure that mobility is ready for future advances. It can precisely test aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, which was demonstrated recently when Honda engineers utilized the tunnel to identify acoustic sensitivities for the Acura Integra during a new model assembly process, leading to improvements in precision and speed. Instead of spending a whole day testing with one car, the tunnel’s technologies enabled the engineers to spend a morning testing four cars.

The wind tunnel is also committed to research, including launching a consortium focused on the advancement of aerodynamic and aeroacoustic methods. This will lead to better consumer mobility solutions and greater innovation.

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