High-speed cameras

Automotive engineering teams rely on high-speed cameras to conduct on- and offboard safety tests. These tests play a crucial role in ensuring that vehicles are designed with passenger safety as a top priority. By utilizing high-speed cameras, researchers and engineers can capture detailed footage of the vehicle during crash tests, providing invaluable data for analysis and improvement of car safety features.

The ability to slow down or freeze action with high-speed cameras offers a comprehensive view of the crash event. Experts carefully study the footage to assess the effectiveness of different safety measures and identify areas for enhancement. Furthermore, the data acquired from high-speed camera footage helps to optimize vehicle structural design, understand collision dynamics and verify the efficacy of restraint systems, among other important applications.

Photron’s Fastcam high-speed cameras are trusted by research laboratories, industrial test facilities and universities in more than 30 countries worldwide. The company says its cameras are engineered to deliver outstanding results even in challenging high-speed scenarios and have the capability to record video at up to 2,100,000fps combined with unmatched light sensitivity. See for yourself at the company's booth.

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