Ultra-precise torque sensors
S. Himmelstein and Company

S. Himmelstein and Company will present its Ultra-Precise Series of torque sensors at the expo. According to the firm, these provide the best torque measurement accuracy available at an economical cost.

The MCRT 79800V dual-range torque meters accurately measure low-running and high-load torques without the cost and inconvenience of swapping conventional sensors. Output signals are provided as analog and digital simultaneously. Capacities are from 4.52 to 42,400Nm. Accuracy grades are ±0.03% on the high range and ±0.05% on the low range. Mechanical overload of 1,000%/200% offers a safety margin in the presence of high startup torques or large torsional oscillations.

Series MCRT 48,800V and 49,800V single-range torque transducers offer extreme measurement accuracy with fast installed response. They are available in two accuracy grades: ±0.04% and ±0.02% of full scale. These units have mechanical overloads of 200% or 400%. Capacities range from 2.8 to 42,000Nm.

The ultra-precise series outputs ±10V or ±5V analogs of torque, speed (an option) and engineering unit data via a resident RS232/422/485 com port. Operation is fully bidirectional, and measurements are valid to zero speed.

All are calibrated CW and CCW to rated load in the company’s ISO 17025:2017, NVLAP-accredited laboratory (NVLAP lab code 200487-0).

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