Ultra-flexible DAQ and high-sensitivity microphone
imc Test & Measurement

imc Test & Measurement and microphone manufacturer GRAS Sound & Vibration, both Axiometrix Solutions brands, will showcase their latest data acquisition solutions at the expo.

GRAS now offers the new 46BC CCP ¼-in multifield microphone set, a small but high-sensitivity microphone with a 24dB(A) noise floor. This opens up a new range of measurement possibilities, making the 46BC ideal for automotive in-cabin, EV audio and NVH testing.

The new imc ARGUSfit takes flexible data acquisition to the next level. Equipped with a groundbreaking new system bus, it offers a total data rate of 5Ms/s, composed of up to 1,000 channels with sampling rates of up to 500kS/s per channel, which is five times faster than previous imc systems. By simply clicking together the datalogger base unit and additional measurement amplifier and fieldbus interface modules, the ultra-compact system can be perfectly adapted to ever-changing test environments. When a test installation needs to span long distances within a plant or a vehicle system, the imc ARGUSfit can work in a distributed installation, using fiber-optics for connectivity. This is advantageous or even mandatory for aspects such as robustness against interference or minimizing cabling costs.

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