Child pedestrian ADAS target
DRI (AB Dynamics)

This year at the expo DRI will be previewing its new child pedestrian target, the latest addition to its ADAS target range. It features the same industry-leading design as its Soft Pedestrian 360 adult counterpart but in a child form.

Key features include its active articulation system, which enables naturalistic movement and the ability to synchronize gait with platform speed. Minimizing the potential for vehicle damage has been central to the design of the child pedestrian, which has been achieved through the use of modular, low-mass components, while the limbs, head and mounting pole attach to the torso via foam blocks so that when these components separate on impact, there are no exposed hard points.

The adult and child pedestrian are joined by the Soft Motorcycle 360, which uses similar design principles to bring realism, durability and damage minimization to powered two-wheeler testing.

The Soft Motorcycle 360 is capable of speeds up to 80km/h, can be used for all Euro NCAP 2023 test scenarios involving motorcycles and complies with ISO 19206-5 draft requirements. The target uses a modular construction made of lightweight foam coated in a rubberized skin to improve its compliance when hit by a test vehicle.

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