New four-wheel mover

There is increasing demand from various sectors of the automotive industry for solutions that enable four-wheel vehicle moving. The electrification of cars in general and the development of EVs in particular have changed the needs at end-of-line and car testing facilities. The solution that is rapidly becoming adopted by testing facilities is a four-wheel mover (4WM) solution.

“A 4WM is a solution that enables you to move a vehicle by lifting all four wheels. You can move a car without starting the engine, without rotating any of the four wheels when running tests on dyno cells, in wind tunnels or in climate chambers. You won’t be able to start the engine or there are situations where you run a test and the vehicle breaks down. A 4WM is essential to move the car in or out of the test facility,” explains Magnus Grafström, CTO at Stringo, a Swedish vehicle mover company.

At the expo, Stringo will preview the solution sets it has invented, the DuoMover solution that can be used with the company’s S series vehicle mover and the new 4WM machine that went to market recently.

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