Advanced traffic simulation

dSpace will showcase advanced traffic simulation systems on its booth, including the company’s Simphera software solution. Seamlessly integrating with Aurelion, dSpace’s sensor-realistic simulation tool, Simphera offers an unparalleled experience. Together, they provide effortless access to a wide array of features, enabling the simulation of vehicle dynamics, traffic scenarios, and more.

The company will also demonstrate Autera, a robust, modular in-vehicle datalogging and prototyping system that reads, processes and records raw data from lidar, radar and camera sensors, as well as automotive buses and networks, with best-in-class bandwidth; the

Environment Sensor Interface (ESI), which supports the injection of raw data and target lists for HIL tests of camera, radar and lidar ECUs as well as central processing units for autonomous driving; dSpace Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS), which enables real-time simulation of object reflections (radar targets) occurring in road traffic at various distances, speeds and sizes; finely scalable test solutions customizable to any battery system, supporting various applications across different industries; and systems to simulate charging stations and electric vehicles and develop onboard chargers to support the advancement of smart charging technologies for manufacturers of electric vehicles and charging stations.

Booth 3000

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