Next-gen video

Today’s new vehicles are more likely to experience problems than ever before. In part, that’s because EVs, ADAS and other advanced features are extremely complex, making them very difficult to test and validate.

When used with the complete Aptiv Connect Qualifier vehicle validation solution, Aptiv’s next-gen video solution gives users a comprehensive view of everything that’s going on in and around their test vehicles. When an issue or pre-configured event occurs, it collects video from up to four interior and/or exterior cameras. The video can be viewed alongside synced visualizations of CAN data so that engineers can see exactly what was happening at the time the event occurred.

This 2.0 hardware release features crisper, clearer video captured at twice the frame rate of the previous generation (1080px video up to 30fps or 720px up to 60fps). Optional blurring for license plates and faces is also available to meet compliance requirements. And in the near future, Aptiv

plans to add video classification using AI to detect when vehicles encounter pedestrians, bicycles, construction, emergency vehicles, etc.

The video solution 2.0 and the rest of Qualifier will be on display at the expo.

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