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Next-gen DAQ

DEWESoft will showcase the future of data acquisition at the 2021 Automotive Testing Expo in Novi.

The Sirius XHS is unique to the market, with the capability of continuous (or triggered) storing of all raw data synchronously at 15MHz while performing real-time computations. In addition, DewesoftX software can now utilize the user’s graphics card to carry some of the computational load. Each Sirius XHS instrument has multiple interfaces allowing the user to sample up to 15MHz using SAR ADC technology for continuous transient recording; it can also utilize 2MHz sigma-delta ADC technology for higher-resolution measurements. Since the Sirius XHS has sigma-delta ADCs and SAR ADCs that utilize the same amplifiers, you can always be certain you have the right instrument for the job. The Sirius XHS is versatile, synchronizing analog (temperature, pressure, force, etc), digital (encoders, tachometers, etc), video, GPS, CAN, Ethernet and other inputs.

DEWESoft will also showcase the Iolite platform, which may be built as 19in rack, benchtop or rugged chassis units. This platform brings scalability and density for large-channel-count applications. It utilizes a dual EtherCAT bus, introducing a new level of redundancy, even acting as the real-time front end to existing controllers. The IOLITE can be built with an embedded Linux processor, setting the foundation for Dewesoft’s next generation of standalone applications. Interfacing through the familiar DewesoftX to configure, the Iolite LX brings a new level of autonomy and control.

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