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Electrification testing

Horiba Automotive’s electrification offering to the industry includes solutions for the different stages of vehicle development and evaluation, including material characterization, component, system and full vehicle testing. Solutions are available for the full range of vehicle types, from light- to heavy-duty vehicles and off-highway equipment.

Horiba’s electrification offering serves all relevant stages of research, development, validation, certification and end-of-line verification, covering material characterization, component, system and vehicle for all varieties of e-powertrains including those with batteries, fuel cells and hybrid architectures.

Horiba can integrate scientific expertise from a range of industries to offer a solution based on customer needs. These solutions range across the different stages of the vehicle development and evaluation process: material characterization such as analysis of batteries and fuel cells on a material level, e.g., degradation, abrasion, chemical reactions; component testing and characterization of e-motors and transmissions, testing of batteries and fuel cells, with solutions for testing batteries from cell to module to pack, and fuel cells from cell to stack; system testing the electrified powertrains of various vehicle architectures including battery-electric, fuel-cell-electric and hybrid-electric; and complete vehicle testing in the laboratory or on the road.

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