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Ujjawala Karle


Verification and validation of emerging automotive systems

Emerging automotive systems are having multiple disruptive technologies incorporated in them to provide safe and sustainable mobility. Connectivity, automation, sharing and electrification—the four technology trends that make up CASE—are widely seen as shaping the future of mobility. In combination, CASE mobility could transform almost all facets of mobility, but attempting to implement all four at once is a daunting task. Connected vehicles form the major element in the CASE mobility scenario. The mobile technology's greater throughput, availability, and reliability will enable safety-sensitive applications known as V2X, or Vehicle-to-Everything. V2X, with the help of 5G, will play a huge role in bettering traffic efficiency and reducing car-related accidents. Automated mobility in an Indian scenario stands for Driver Assistance Systems. The need for more safer vehicles, is the requirement behind the introduction of L2 and L3 features in Indian Market. ARAI is coming up with verification & validation ecosystem required for the validation of the V2X technologies, ADAS technologies using motion platform and simulation techniques and also electric vehicles.